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Early Admissions Season Isnt Over Yet

HomeApplyEarly Admissions Season Isnt Over YetThis page may contain affiliate links.Nov 10, 2015If your student is still thinking if they should apply early to college, its worth downloading  these two lists which detail  schools that accept Early Decision and those that accept Early Action. Some schools are extending their early season with an Early Decision II deadline, which is noted on the list. Most Early Decision II deadlines are January 1, but its best to check each college youre interested in to confirm deadlines. Enter your email below and well email you both these helpful lists. Download link Email Address   Ã‚  Ã‚   //

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Analysis Of The Poem Spring Landscape With A Creek

Spring landscape with a creek is an impressionist oil painting by a Czech painter named Frantisek Kavan in 1890. This piece of art is chosen because it portrays an image of a landscape in which a creek of water is running through the meadows. The golden sun seems like taking a bath in the water hedged by green fields where yellow flower buddings can be seen. This painting shows the time of year when trees are saying goodbye to the winter season and are ready for life to return with spring. It seems as if this painting is saying goodbye to the history and introducing the new impressionistic art of 19th century. This painting is a simple landscape but it depicts the basic elements of life that are needed by a human to survive rather than materialistic things. Anyone who sees this painting is absorbed in it as the artist has painted it fresh which shows an optimistic thought when the glance goes from deserted trees to the green meadows and the water creek and finally to the flowers . Th is picture resembles a strong feeling of the presence of a creator who rescues us from destruction to the spring of life when life is at its peak. The third painting is a bit newer as compared to the previous two, which comes under the realm of the 20th century. This detailed painting is titled as Urban landscape by Enric Pinet in 1934, depicting multi-colored and expressive urban landscape. This painting shows the development of city life where nature is scarce and chimneys are exhalingShow MoreRelatedAmerican Literature11652 Words   |  47 Pagesevil and good characteristics often involve the persecution of a young woman who is forced apart from her true love Style: ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · short stories and novels hold readers attention through dread of a series of terrible possibilities feature landscapes of dark forests, extreme vegetation, concealed ruins with horrific rooms, depressed characters Effect: ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · today in literature we still see portrayals of alluring antagonists whose evil characteristics appeal to one s sense of awe today

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Questions Answered On Macbeth And Wuthering Heights

Questions answered about Macbeth / Wuthering Heights Macbeth and Wuthering Heights not everyone s favorite books. But have you ever thought to breakdown and analyze the book s piece by piece. In this short essay, that will be during for questions such as why is their so much suffering in both novels, ambition, why do all the relationships in the book don’t end well, why women always in control, and finally why people dislike the suggested books. With that, I give you the theme of destructive love within relationships in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Bronte’s Wuthering Heights are presented through sexism, jealousy, and betrayal. Let’s face women have control in any relationship Catherine E. suggested ( [un]sexing Lady Macbeth ), â€Å"she†¦show more content†¦Wuthering Heights his the book for how to end a relationship for dummies. Both stories reflect power struggles and relationships for higher status and living quality for both candidates in Wuthering Heights and Macbeth. In question is their mental status are they truly sane or insane, from what I can gather is that Wuthering Heights is a story in which base is that Heathcliff is deranged individual that is not in right mental rank in which he falls into a person that is the only goal in life is to get revenge for Catherina leaving him and self-destruction to everyone in his personal life and himself to suffer like he did and does. Emily Brontà « suggests, There s no art to find the mind s construction in the face. (Macbeth 1.4.10-11) Macbeth isn’t far off in with the characters as murder precedes the whole story.Having the main character having a power struggle with his wife controlling him to kill Duncan. Macbeth is somewhat cursed by the witches from what the author provides the reader, can tell so maybe that explains a little but having a position of power in the story makes it complex into an ambitious person as himself.Macbeth is a filled with bad relationships, not just himself but Macduff wife getting murdered and so many other relationships ruined by guess who Macbeth. Having bad characters in a story makes a good story for

Academic and Professional Integrity-Free-Samples for Students

Question: Discuss about the Academic and professional integrity. Answer: Academic and professional integrity is wide term which could be defined separately. Academic could be defined as education and courses for the students and professional integrity put emphasis upon application of the knowledge, skills, and value of the chosen profession in the considered academic (John, 2016). Integrity focuses on the social standards and moral values of society while implementing proper knowledge, skills, and value of the chosen profession in the academic learning courses (Woods, Negrin, 2016). After learning the ethics and integrity of the AIH course, I realised that ethical production of academic essay, business report, depends upon the self-generated work which demonstrates the learning and study outcomes of the organization. It also assisted me to learn the practical application of the gained knowledge. After comparing my prior knowledge and the knowledge I gained after studying AIH course, I came to realise that I need to set up proper norms and rules for my study program. I need to be more complied with my understanding and need to focuses on keeping plagiarism free work. How I will study the Academic and professional integrity in AIH course Implementation of the learned skills and knowledge with its practical approach Keep the work completely plagiarism free Set new rules and regulation for implementing proper AIH courses program Now, in the end, it could be inferred that AIH course will assist in development of my own Academic and professional integrity. References John, T. (2016).RE-?IMAGINING THE INTERNATIONALISATION OF HIGHER EDUCATION: a case study of a UK University(Doctoral dissertation, PhD thesis, University of Reading). Woods, P., Negrin, K. (2016). Supporting Academic Integrity for Internationally Educated Nurses: Building a Foundation for Academic and Professional Success.

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Management of Water Supply Projects in Malaysia

Water is one of the fundamental elements that supports life and forms part of the resources that influence human economic development. Water is not readily available in some parts of Malaysia and its abundance is largely determined by climatic changes, geographical positions and political environment to some extent (Yong, 2004).Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Management of Water Supply Projects in Malaysia specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The world today is facing a serious fresh water crisis due to the pressure exerted on water catchment areas of the ever-growing population. Research shows that the majority of highly populated regions have a high water shortage (Renganathan, 2000). In Malaysia, the Integrated Water Resources Management, IWRM was introduced in the early 1990s being the sole water management initiative in the country (Global Water intelligence, 2003). It led to the formation of management groups later in 1997 such as Malaysia water partnership My WP, and later the Malaysia capacity building network for IWRM, MyCapNet (Clark, 1991). Water sustainability in Malaysia is very well covered in a number of policies.  In Sabah, the local authorities have put in place plans to enhance and mange forest sustainability such as the integration of the river basin management plans (Chan, 2000). These will greatly improve the quality of the state’s water supply as well as enhance sustainable water management, hence, stabilizing water supply. Integration of the river basin will also ensure that land, water, and biodiversity are protected for the benefit of the locals. Borneo, an island in the state, is characterized by biodiversity. The state has formed platforms to engage the non-governmental organizations as well as the locals to address the issues that affect the environment.  All the measures are aimed at protecting and preserving natural resources to avoid extinction, which can have adverse effects on the livelihood of the locals. These initiatives also have improved the quality of life for the locals hence increasing the life expectancy. The management plan includes guidelines on how to return wastewater to the environment (Chan, 2000). It also engages protecting and rehabilitating water catchment areas.Advertising Looking for report on government? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More To show its commitment, Malaysia is a signatory to a number of environmental conservation declarations. One of them is the international conference on water and the environment in Dublin in the year 1992 (Renganathan, 2000). Others include the earth summit, world water forums to mention but a few (Global Water intelligence, 2003). The department of drainage and irrigation is the major custodian of the IWRM implementation working together with the My WP (Yong, 2004). The country has made remarkable progress in implantin g their initiative and the benefits are immense. The local villagers can take an opportunity provided by the water conservation programs and increase their economic activities through agriculture.  With a sustainable water supply, farmers in the village will not have to depend on seasonal rains to farm. To enhance the village’s life expectancy requires a full implementation of the water management policies and innovative economic activities that take advantage of the available water.  Protecting water catchment areas and forest increases the life expectancy by a reasonable percentage since fresh and clean water enhances good health. Water is the source of life even for a crop, creating a cycle of dependency between plants and animals. Therefore, sustainable farming can be well supported by these initiatives hence improving the economic status of the locals. Farming is one of the most feasible economic activities for them. References Chan, N. W. (2000c) Current Environment al Issues in Malaysia. Web. Clark, R. (1991) Water: The International Crisis. Web.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Management of Water Supply Projects in Malaysia specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Global Water intelligence, (2003). The Malaysian government to manage water supply projects. Market-Leading Analysis of the International Water Industry, 4 (9), 1. Renganathan, M. (2000). Taking Care of Water, the Responsibility of All. Web. Yong, F. T. (2004). Water Engineering. Bulletin Ingenieur. 22 (01), 56-86. This report on Management of Water Supply Projects in Malaysia was written and submitted by user Farrah J. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Establishing a Healthy Communication Policy for Schools

Establishing a Healthy Communication Policy for Schools Communication is a key component to having a fantastic year and an excellent staff. It is essential that administrators, teachers, parents, staff, and students have a clear line of communication. This is a sample of a school communication policy that will assist in keeping clear communication lines with the entire school community. Communication Tips No matter who you are talking with- students, parents, teachers, or the principal- it helps to be courteous, professional, and well prepared. Written communications should always be proofread and written or typed neatly. How Teachers Will Communicate With Parents and Guardians Written Form All teachers will send home a form letter to each student’s parents introducing yourself, highlighting your class, contact information, goals you have for the year, etc. The letter will be sent home the first day of school.All letters or notes to parents should be proofread by at least two other faculty members before the note is sent home.After the letters have been proofread by two faculty members, they need to be turned into the principal for final approval.A copy needs to be made and put in that student’s file of each letter or note sent home to that student’s parents.All written communication should be professional, courteous, and have contact information to get back in touch with the teacher.Avoid the use of jargon.If the letter/note is hand written, make sure that it is legible. If it is typed, make sure that it is at least standard 12-point font. Electronic Form Copies should be printed and filed of any correspondence via electronic form.Make sure that all text/graphics are large enough to be seen or read.Avoid the use of jargon.Be sure to run spell/grammar check on any electronic communications.Only use electronic communications with parents who have expressed that it is the way they prefer to be contacted.You must log off your email every day before going home. Phone Be polite and courteous.Before you make the call, write down everything you need to communicate with that parent. Be organized with your thoughts.Keep a phone log. Record the date, time, and reason for calling that parent.Be direct and mindful of the parent’s time.If the parent is unable to talk to you at that time, politely ask when would be a good time to call them again.If you receive a voice mail; identify who you are, what you are calling about, and leave information for them to return your phone call. Parent-Teacher Conferences Dress professionally.Create a comfortable atmosphere. Don’t place a formal teachers desk between yourself and the parents. Use the same type of chair.Be prepared! Have your agenda ready. Have materials available that show the good and/or bad of the student.Always start the conference out with something positive.Be attentive and listen.Never talk about other students or teachers.Avoid the use of jargon.End the conference with something positive.Let them know that you care about their child.If the situation becomes difficult, call the office for assistance immediately.Keep a conference journal. Record the date, time, reason, and key points discussed in the conference. Miscellaneous Thursday Folders – Notes, letters, graded papers, and pertinent information will be sent home every Thursday with the students in a folder. The parent will take out and go through the papers, sign the folder, and return it back to the teacher the next day.Progress reports from each teacher need to go out bi-weekly.Each teacher should send four positive personal notes, make four positive phone calls, or a combination of both per week rotating through their home room roster. All parents need to receive positive information regarding their child at least two times per nine weeks.All correspondence with parents should be documented. Keep a file on hand for each student in your homeroom.Do not discuss other students or teachers with parents. Be professionally mindful.Develop a positive relationship with parents. Try to gain their trust and let them know that you have their child’s best interest in mind at all times.Always avoid the use of jargon. Use language that will make the parents feel comfortable and at ease. Keep it simple! Communications Within the School Community Principal to Teacher I will be sending out a daily e-mail to all staff each morning. The e-mail will highlight significant events, remind you of tasks, and offer suggestions for you to use in your classroom.All teachers need to check their email at least three times per day.We will have weekly staff meetings to go over relevant information and discuss events happening within our school. The meetings will be every Wednesday 3:15 p.m. We will have them in the cafeteria. These meetings are mandatory!Be sure to check your mail box daily. I will be placing grant information, classroom activities and ideas, and other information in your boxes as it becomes available.I am a hands-on principal. I think it is necessary for me to know what my teachers are doing in their classrooms. I will be visiting your classrooms several times per week.I would like to have one-on-one meetings with every teacher at least two times per nine weeks. I will use these meetings as an opportunity to see how you are doing, see if you h ave any needs, and to listen to ideas that you might have. Teacher to Principal I have an open door policy. Feel free to come in my office and discuss issues with me whenever you need. I am always happy to answer questions, take suggestions, and listen to my teachers.You are always welcome to email me for anything. I will check my email several times each day and will respond to your email as quick as possible.If an issue or problem comes up after school. Please feel free to call me at home. I will do my best to address your needs as quickly and conveniently as possible. Communications With Substitute Teachers If you know that you are going to be absent, please let the secretary know as soon as possible.If an emergency happens after school hours, please call the secretary or principal at home as soon as possible.You must fill out an absentee request form if you know you are going to be absent. If it is an emergency situation, then you must feel one out as soon as you return to school. Preparation and Materials for Substitutes: All teachers need to put a substitute packet together. The packet needs to be on file in the office. Be sure that you keep the packet up-to-date. The packet should include the following items: three days of updated emergency lesson plansenough copies of all work sheets for all studentsclass scheduleseating chartsclass rolesattendance slipslunch count slipssafety procedures and plansclass rulesstudent discipline policycontact teacher informationmiscellaneous informationIf you know that you are going to be absent and are capable of putting current lesson plans together, please turn them into the office to give to the substitute. Make sure that they are detailed, easy to follow, and state specifically what and when you want the substitute to do. Use the substitute lesson plan forms available in the office.If you are including worksheets in the lesson plans, try to copy them off for the substitute if it is possible. If it is not possible, make sure that you leave the correct number of copies that they will need for each sheet.If it is possible, write a personal note to the substitute making them feel welcome and giving them any information that you feel might help them. Communication With Students All students are to be treated fairly and with respect. If you expect them to respect you, then you have to respect them.You need to have an open door policy with all of your students. Let them know that they can trust you. Allow them the opportunity to come in, talk to you, ask you questions, and voice their concerns and opinions.It is our job to provide students with optimal opportunities to learn. We need to create an atmosphere that fosters learning and enhances a student’s ability to do such.All students regardless of race, color, or gender should be given equal opportunities and fair treatment by their teachers, administrators, and peers.All students should be encouraged to ask questions, and all teachers need to provide as an accurate of a response as possible.All teachers should have every student’s best interest in mind.

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Gapminder Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Gapminder - Assignment Example The trend line can be drawn (approximately) using India as a starting point through the USA and Qatar. The countries located above the trend line are mostly the countries, which GDP origins from mining and heavy engineering industry. The other possible explanation of relatively high emission accompanied with low income is ineffective energy consumption (Kazakhstan, Trinidad and Tobago). The group of countries is located below the trend line (Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Hong Kong). Their position can be explained with use of technologies in the heavy engineering industry that consume less energy or energy saving technologies. The other reason for such position is that industry of these countries is oriented on production of goods that do not lead to high CO2 emission (household electronics, computers, software) or comprise nonmaterial production (tourism, banking). If we will look through the years, the dependence between these two parameters remains linear, and the emission constantly grows. The existence of two abovementioned groups of countries on the graph for the year 2011 means that part of the countries uses the ineffective technologies and the other part (especially developed countries) decreased CO2 emission due to energy saving increasing of energy efficiency. Developed countries introduced low-emission technologies within the next 10 years, particularly after signing Kyoto